Anyone who has searched for a good reliable chrome plater in recent years knows that their ranks are thinning. Both foreign competition and EPA restrictions have made it increasingly difficult to run a plating shop profitably while turning out good work.

At CustomChrome Plating, in Grafton, Ohio, we have not only survived in this market, but continue to thrive, all due to owner Jon Wright’s simple business philosophy: pride in our work, and treating people fairly.

Most of our work is in the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket, and our beginning quality grade (lowest priced) is equal to factory OEM, considered by most to be very good. But we also offer two quality levels higher than OEM, and our staff likes to take on difficult and challenging projects.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find it informative, and that you’ll give us a call. Our excellence in plating quality is equaled by our customer service.

I have always found your company and staff very professional and customer focused. I am a loyal and devoted customer and for these reasons alone, I will continue to select Jon Wright's CCP as my vendor of choice. Others may have years and years of experience stated in their advertising, but it is someone that is satisfied with the results that makes a big difference.

Marlo D. Moss

I want to again thank all those at CustomChrome for your personal attention, your timeliness, and your attention to detail. Please know you are very much appreciated.

Ed Souers

Phone: 440-926-3116 • FAX: 440-926-2551 • 963 Mechanic Street, Grafton, Ohio 44044
Email us at: Please be sure to include photos of your parts!